Lovely and picturesque towns

Although the trullo and the lamia are in a rural area, within a few minutes drive you are in the near by village of Casalini. A 7 km drive will take you to the beautiful towns Ostuni and Cisternino. A 15 minutes drive by car and you can wade in the sea, where you have a good view at the freakish mass of rocks or maybe a rest on a deck chair at one of the many beaches. There are surprisingly really good little restaurants at the beaches.

Ostuni is situated on a hill, which you can see from a far distance. Because of the bright white painted houses Ostuni is called 'la Città Bianca'. This vivid and enjoyable town is surrounded by olive orchards.

World heritage
In the suburbs “Rione Monti” and “Aia Picola” in the town of Alberobello there are mainly trulli. There is even a church and a two storey house in this typical architectural style. The old monumental part of the town is on the Unesco World Heritage List Yes, Alberobello is touristic but very worthwhile a visit.

We also recommend a visit to Locorotono, Martina Franca, Ceglie, Cissternino and Fasano for their daily farmer markets. They offer a huge number of fresh, local products for your meals. 

Stone Age
Matera has been inhabited since the stone age. It is a unique spot with its houses cut out in the rocks. It is that these exceptional houses and the special position of the town which makes it a favourite setting for several movies. Matera is also on the Unesco World Heritage list.

Taranto is a port on the Gulf of Tarente. This pretty capital city of Apulië has a long history which goes back to old Greek times. The city situated on a spit of land is also called “the city of two seas” while the split divides the sea in the 'Mare Grande' and the 'Mare Piccolo'. 

Beauty and splendour
Lecce is more southwards in the heel of Italy. With many monuments from the 16th century is known as 'Florence of the Baroque'. In the time of ancient Rome it was a flourishing city with a big amphitheatre. After the Romans, came the Saracen, then the Vikings and a long, long row of counts and countesses who ruled the city.

In our trullo and lamia is a file with detailed information of the nearby area. As you see there is a lot to enjoy, but don’t forget to enjoy the rest and space around our trull and lamia as well!